Church Foyer Frequently Asked Questions

Church Foyer is a free website platform for churches. We build basic one-page sites so churches have a free way to reach out to their neighbors in the community and new visitors. We’re not trying to break the internet or replace web design companies. We think that any church that wants a site should have one, for free, and it should be easy to use. That’s it.

Nothing! Church Foyer is 100% free. There’s no cost to build and host a site for your church indefinitely.

Church Foyer sites are basic one-page websites that include the most important information members and visitors need to know about your church. They look great on laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. A screenshot of a sample Church Foyer site is displayed to the left, or you can view a demo site here.

Sites include the following:

  • A photo of your church. If available, we can show a picture from Google Street View, or you can upload your own.
  • An "About Us" section
  • A "Service Times" section
  • A "Contact" section with map, direction, address, phone, email, and social media accounts, if applicable
  • A linke to "Online Giving", if applicable

Actually, no. We’ve thought about it, and may build one out in the future or partner with someone else who’s doing a good job. Otherwise, check out local web designers in your community if you’d like to build a larger site.

If you’re a church that doesn’t have a website, we may have generated a Church Foyer site to guide visitors to your church, similar to a church directory or phone book. If you’re affiliated with the church, you can claim the site and update the information.

Sites generated by Church Foyer can be claimed by the leaders of that church and used as the church website. The new user will need to create an account with email and password, and then review and update information about their church. Once done, we’ll create the site as well as an admin dashboard for that user.

The admin dashboard is a set of page on your website where the leaders in the church can view information about visitors on their website, and update their website. It's password-protected, and only authorized users (either the user who first claimed or built the site, and any additional leaders they'd like to invite) are allowed access.

Information about your visitors can be found on the first page of the admin dashboard when you log in. We'll show you an overview of local visitors in and around your community who have looked at your church's site, along with what they're viewing (service times, directions, etc) and whether or not they tried to give online. We'll also show information about out-of-town visitors and let you look back over different time periods as well.

You'll have the opportunity to update and customize your site when you're first claiming it. After that, you can change your site and your church's information from the admin dashboard. Once you log in, you can select "Church Information", "Service Times", "Giving", and "Users" from the right-hand navigation to go to those areas. Change the information you'd like, hit save/submit, and we'll immediately update your site. It's that easy - no knowledge of HTML or computer coding required.

We'd love to help however we can! Email us directly at hello@churchfoyer.com and we'll get right back to you.